Bommayapalayam Village & Post, Vanur Taluk,Villupuram - 605104



The college library is well equipped with a large collection of books to cater the needs of the students of all branches, along with regularly updated magazines, dailies, textual and reference books. A book bank patronized by the members of the College Literary Club is also functioning, where in members alone are eligible to use the exclusive collections, which include books for competitive exams, Personal Development, Skills Development, etc.,


A Full fledged and well equipped lab is available in our college to develop the computer knowledge and to master the computer skill. We provide Individual Terminals to each student. The computer lab is connected to MHRD, it will provide a wide range of knowledge. Unlimited internet browsing facility for students at free of cost.(Wi-fi Campus)


For the transportation of the day-scholar students and staff, the college is plying buses through in and around Puducherry, Panruti and Vikkiravandy. The bus routes are decided based on the strength of the students for a particular destination from the college premises.


College has spacious canteen facility in the college. A variety of south indian food and snack items are provided to the students and staff of the college with highest quality. Canteen has a big kitchen and kitchen staff take extra care to provide the students and staff with nutritious and hygienic food in the campus canteen. Food items are prepared with RO treated water. It also provides light refreshment like packed snack items, cakes, veg. puff, beverages etc to the students and staff of the college. All stationary items are made available in the stores at reasonable rates, fixed by the college management.